Delmas is situated in Delmas, Mpumalanga. Approximately 55% of the clinker produced at Aganang is transferred to the Delmas cement-milling facility for further processing. The Delmas plant has the production capacity of 1,4Mtpa cement and has silo storage capacity for 22 000 tonnes of bulk product.

To ensure that customers achieve the best value from their cement, SepCem offers a value-driven approach backed by product testing and special mix design support provided through the technical laboratory at the Delmas plant.

The location of the Delmas site was chosen due to (a) the proximity to the Kendal Power Station, and (b) the logistics cost of moving clinker from Aganang.


Sephaku Ash has a long-term contract with Eskom to acquire and remove waste ash from the coalburning process at Kendal Power Station. The ash produced from this plant is used as a cement extender at the Delmas milling plant to produce blended cement.