After 15 years of the North West Province community of Springbok Pan not being able to finish building its only clinic because of building materials being stolen and a lack of funding to replace these, the healthcare facility will finally open its doors. The clinic was brought to life through a partnership between Sephaku Cement and the community situated near its flagship plant Aganang.

The 3 000 people in Springbok Pan, who have historically only had visits from a mobile clinic will now have a dedicated clinic of 235m2 with nurses who will be on duty from Monday to Friday, every week and access to a doctor monthly. Where people would historically have to queue in an open field, now they have a formal healthcare facility that provides more privacy.

Springbok Pan Community Liaison Officer, Thabo Mothaung, a resident of the community was involved in the establishment of the clinic from day one. He says, “This clinic will help us a lot. We never had our own clinic. A mobile clinic would come in twice a week. When it was cold or when it was raining, our people would have to wait to be helped with no shelter.”

The clinic project has also created some employment for Springbok Pan local people. Mothaung explains, “Before Sephaku Cement stepped in we couldn’t finish the building of the clinic because people stole our materials. Sephaku brought everything in for us. Now we will have electricity, water and geysers in our own health facility. Our people are happy.”

“Through projects like these we would like to help break the cycle of poverty where we operate.  A clinic is a basic service that doesn’t only give people access to medication but an environment of dignity in times of need. We are focused on doing what we can to fill important needs for Springbok Pan, Verdwaal and Itsoseng,” concludes Pieter Fourie, Chief Executive of Sephaku Cement.