Sephaku Holdings (SepHold) invests in building materials-focused businesses with the goal to create value for shareholders. By actively participating in operations, SepHold ensures they generate positive earnings and maintain sales volumes. The group is founded on the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience and empowerment. We subscribe to the values of respect, integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty. The board and management seek to balance the expectations of investors for reasonable capital growth. It acts responsibly concerning the interests of other stakeholders, including customers; employees; suppliers and contractors; communities; industry associations; government; and organised labour.

We started producing cement and clinker at the Dangote Cement South Africa (then Sephaku Cement or SepCem) plants in 2014, entrenching ourselves as a formidable player in the building and construction materials industry in South Africa.

Strategic objectives

The board provides oversight and direction through strategic planning by establishing clear key performance indicators to measure the group’s operational performance.

SepHold’s leadership ensures the group achieves targeted performance by ensuring that the operations:

  • produce high-quality products and implement effective marketing activities to maintain sales volumes and maximise margins;
  • remain focused on implementing cost management programmes to improve cost efficiencies; and
  • adhere to their respective action plans to strengthen their balance sheets and increase free cash flow.


The group differentiates itself by manufacturing specialised and consistent quality products and offering superior customer service. The efficiency of leading technologies combined with management’s industry knowledge and expertise has led to competitive advantages and strong strategic relationships. We are committed to the creation of shareholder value through sustainable earnings and growth.

Value creation pillars

The group’s focus is on creating sustainable shareholder value by enhancing the four value creation pillars
on which earnings and growth are based. These are as follows:

  • The group has skilled and experienced management with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience in cement and concrete manufacturing.
  • There are sufficient technical and project management skills at management level to ensure the ability to:
    • produce consistent, high-quality cement and specialised concrete; and
    • bring targeted projects to account.
  • The group has marketing and logistics management abilities that have established Dangote Cement South Africa (CEMENT) in the cement supply market and increased Métier’s footprint in Gauteng.
  • Training and mentoring eliminate competence and knowledge gaps identified at lower management levels. The group’s performance management system is structured to motivate employees and align their output to business objectives.

  • Métier manages distribution logistics through integrated software to meet customers’ needs.
  • CEMENT’s modern, efficient plants and state-of-the-art equipment are vital elements of operations.

  • Métier has built its brand equity through innovative, specialised concretes and a superior service offering.
  • CEMENT and Métier are preferred suppliers, known for their ability to meet their customers’ expectations.

  • The group has solid and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders, including retailers, communities, employees, funders and suppliers.

These pillars have enabled our operations to be adaptable and to achieve stated objectives from inception to date. To ensure continuity of the founding management team’s success, mentoring and extensive training is practised to close any competence and knowledge gaps identified at lower management levels. In the same vein, the performance management system is structured to ensure and motivate employees to align their output to stated business objectives.