Our group is founded on the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience and empowerment. The differentiators that enable the group to achieve higher operating margins than the industry average are the specialised and/or consistent quality products as well as our superior service offering. The efficiency from the use of leading technologies, brand-new infrastructure and deep industry skills have enabled us to achieve these competitive advantages.

We started producing cement and clinker at the SepCem plants in 2014, entrenching ourselves as a formidable player in the building and construction materials industry in South Africa.

We are committed to the creation of shareholder value through sustainable earnings and growth by:

  • ensuring that the operations adhere to their respective action plans to strengthen their balance sheets by reducing debt in order to increase free cash flow in preparation for the distribution of dividends to the shareholders;
  • ensuring that the operations become leaders in producing high-quality products and implement effective marketing activities that secure market share and maximise margins; and
  • ensuring that the operational focus areas include strategically optimising logistics between plants and market to improve cost efficiencies.

Our value-creation process is based on the following four cornerstones:

  1. Deep skills that are required for understanding the supply and market dynamics so as to enhance profitability:
    • highly skilled and experienced key management with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience in cement and concrete manufacturing;
    • technical as well as project management skills at key management levels enhancing the ability to:
      • bring the projects to account; and
      • produce distinctively high-quality consistent cements and specialised concretes;
    • acute marketing and complex logistics management skills with the ability to bring product to market.
  2. Leading technologies that facilitate the production of high-quality cement and mixed concrete:
    • modern, highly efficient cement plants with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, including a fully automated control room and laboratory for quality control;
    • compact mixed concrete production plants that can be constructed within a short period as demand dictates; and
    • the combination of the best-in-class production technology and related infrastructure enables the businesses to operate with greater simplicity and lower operating costs.
  3. Customer focus through service excellence is a distinguishing characteristic of our group.
    • Métier has built brand equity through its innovative specialised concretes and superior service offering.
    • Both SepCem and Métier have established themselves as preferred suppliers, renowned for their ability to meet their customers’ expectations.
  4. Strategic relationships and deal-making abilities have significantly contributed to the group positioning itself as one of the main cement producers in the country:
    • The group’s partnership with Dangote, one of Africa’s largest producers by volume, has enabled the group to acquire the modern technology and funding to successfully enter the South African cement manufacturing industry through SepCem.
    • The group has developed robust relationships with the key stakeholders including the retail distribution channel, communities, funders and suppliers.

These cornerstones have enabled our operations to be adaptable and to achieve stated objectives from inception to date. To ensure continuity of the founding management team’s success, mentoring and extensive training is practised to close any competence and knowledge gaps identified at lower management levels. In the same vein, the performance management system is structured to not only ensure, but motivate employees to align their output to stated business objectives.