Sephaku Holdings Limited (SepHold) is a JSE-listed company that offers investors a portfolio of assets focused on the building and construction materials industry. SepHold’s investment portfolio comprises a subsidiary, Métier Mixed Concrete Proprietary Limited (Métier or the subsidiary), and an associate, Dangote Cement South Africa Proprietary Limited (SepCem or the associate), which we collectively refer to as the group.

The South African cement and mixed concrete manufacturing sector holds promising growth opportunities as it is vital to infrastructure development. SepHold invests in modern, efficient capacity for this sector and is well positioned to capitalise on its opportunities, generate growth and create value for shareholders over the long term. Métier and SepCem strive for sustainable returns through the following:

  • Strategically focusing on the building and construction materials sector and its potential earnings and growth opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art production plants with cost efficiencies that enhance competitiveness.
  • Profitable concrete operations with a renowned concentration of technical skills providing solid earnings and positive net operating cashflows.
  • Operational management with deep industry skills and experience, and the ability to successfully execute the strategic objectives.

The group is founded on the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience and empowerment and subscribes to the values of respect, integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty. It was entrepreneurship and resilience that steered SepHold’s founders to become South Africa’s first new cement manufacturer in over 80 years. SepHold executive management actively participates in the operations to ensure they achieve the stated strategic objectives.

Founding principles

Founding principles