SepHold is a JSE-listed company that invests in construction materials-focused businesses with the goal to create value for its shareholders through active participation in the operations to generate positive earnings and market share growth. SepHold’s portfolio currently constitutes of 36% equity ownership in SepCem and a 100%-owned mixed concrete subsidiary, Métier.


Operational structure


SepCem was the first new entrant into the South African cement market since 1934 and comprises the following assets:

  • Aganang integrated plant consisting of a limestone quarry, a clinker production as well as cement milling plant commenced production in August 2014;
  • Delmas milling plant, which started production of cement in January 2014; and
  • Sephaku Ash that acquires and removes waste ash from the coal-burning process at Kendal Power Station. The ash produced by this plant is currently being used as a cement extender at Delmas; and Limestone exploration, which focuses on developing the resource pipeline.
  • Limestone exploration, which focuses on developing the resource pipeline.

SepCem is a cement producer with modern manufacturing technologies and acute marketing skills. SepCem’ s main business activity is the manufacture, marketing and distribution of high-quality cementitious products to a broad spectrum of cement users. The combined cement manufacturing capacity for Aganang and Delmas is 2,8 million tonnes per annum.

SepCem has established itself as a formidable competitor in the supply of cement through successfully penetrating all the major retailers, numerous second-tier distributors and several bulk cement users, particularly ready-mixed concrete manufacturers.

The remaining 64% of SepCem is held by Dangote Cement Plc. Dangote is Africa’s leading cement producer with three plants in Nigeria and plans to expand into 13 other African countries. Dangote is a fully integrated quarry-to-customer producer with production capacity of 29,25 million tonnes in Nigeria and new operations beginning to come on-stream across the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Dangote was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in October 2010.

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Métier Mixed Concrete

Métier was acquired by SepHold on 28 February 2013 and is a supplier of ready-mixed concrete and related products. Métier is renowned as a specialist in the manufacture of technical high value concrete products that are customised to meet unique customer requirements.

Métier has a total of 15 plants with seven situated in the Gauteng province, seven in the KwaZulu-Natal province and a mobile plant. Its mission is providing innovative service, quality and reliability based on the following four pillars:

  • IMPRESS customers by offering superior service and products;
  • INSPIRE staff through a passion for concrete;
  • SUPPORT suppliers to actively contribute to Métier’s success; and
  • RESPECT shareholders by offering value for their investment.